PCBB is made up of eight multiculturally diverse engineering students who are passionate about addressing the problem of the estimated fourteen billion pounds of garbage that is dumped into the ocean each year. Seven students are elctrical engineers and one is bio-engineering.


Michael Choi

Michael is the team lead. His responsibility is to support each subteam by providing resources and guidance towards developing and designing a solar-powered boat. Michael’s project experience includes creating and building power systems that use solar energy as its power source. Michael managed a solar boat project at his community college that involved the process of molding the vessel and laying out the fiberglass for the boat. The boat was entered into the solar regatta competition 2016 and won two trophies; Best Design and Most Aesthetic. He managed another construction project involving a net-zero energy house construction project. The project purpose is eliminating the use of a gas power generator for supplying the power for the construction tools.

Dan Li

Dan is the Motor Design Lead. He is in charge of communicating between the Power team and the Autonomous Lead. He will oversee the work that has been done towards the motor control, including managing the Gantt Chart, and provide other sub-teams with any motor technical information. The Motor design lead will be communicating with the power team to determine the power budget for the motors, and also communicating with the Autonomous team regarding motor control which includes the testing and fitting of the motor design.

Arina Romanova

Arina is the Solar/DC to DC Converter Lead. That includes paying close attention to the Gantt chart to make sure that both teams are completing tasks on schedule. The solar team has to design a solar layout to power the entirety of the boat: motor, microcontroller, sensors such as GPS, lidar system, and the high to low voltage converters. Arina is also the treasurer in charge of finances and budget reports.

Richard Alves

Richard is the safety officer. The Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring the team abides by all relevant laws and regulations during physical construction of the deliverable products. The Safety Officer establishes a risk assessment matrix and writes a comprehensive hazard analysis investigating workplace dangers, from minor electrical shock to drowning. Besides identifying potential risks and regulating members on proper attire and workspace behavior, the Safety Officer must also produce a relevant failure mode effects and analysis (FMEA) for various problems that may arise at any stage during the development of the boats.

Rafael Ramirez

Rafael is the team progress lead. He will ensure that every individual is working towards completing weekly tasks. The lead will communicate with team members and ensure that individual and subteam progress is documented in both Microsoft Project and Trello. Each team member is required to update their progress at least twice a week to allow the team progress lead to stay informed. This role requires the team progress lead to brief the team at the following meeting over any issues with individual progress that are seen during the biweekly checks. For example, if a team member is skipping out on their work which affects other team members from completing their tasks.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo is the autonomous lead. He will be responsible for ensuring that the team is meeting their milestones and making progress on schedule. I will also be responsible for delegating tasks and addressing problem areas that may need more attention than originally allocated.

Selina Guan

Selina is the documentation lead. She is qualified for controlling the communication of the hardware between the two boat bots due to her experience in building filters, soldering, signal modulation, microcontrollers, and soon designing, implementing, and prototyping radio frequency systems from my mechatronics, communication systems, and soon radio frequency class. My background of C derives from the programming classes I took for my computer science major. She is capable of helping with the construction of the boat due to my solidworks background also from mechatronics.

Adam Grose

Adam is the construction lead. He is in charge of making sure there is clear communication and focus among the group as we build the boat. They will ensure that all groups are well organized and that they keep on schedule. They will also work with the motor team and software team leads to ensure that all the work done is compatible with each other. The lead will ensure that all the required hardware and equipment is available to the team and that the proper workplaces are procured.